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I'm Dr. Sajid Muhaimin Choudhruy

I am currently working in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, Dhaka-1205. My official website is located at sajid.buet.ac.bd. I previously maintained various personal blogs and websites (sajidmc.net). I decided to move to a permanent web solution to host all my previous blogposts.


Artcell - Ei Biday

This series is from my Chords collection, some of which I collected online, and some of which I figured out with software. Many of the chords may have errors, as they were done when I was just learning to play the guitar and used blogger as a diary. These chords are here in my blog, just as they represent my journey with my guitar. I now upload mostly in the Ultimate Guitar. (Click here to go to my user profile there.) 

Main riff:
chords in standard tuning:  F# F#maj7  Ebm7

half step down tuning:   G Gmaj7 Em7
G chordgmaj7 chordEm7 chord

Intro strumming:

Artcell - Ei Biday

G               Gmaj7
tomar onek fele asha
dhushor dhulo joma shomoye
G               Gmaj7
nirob cheye thaka
chokher alo ghire
E                 G
thakbe jeno tomake...
G                Gmaj7
ja kichu chilo theme thaka
abar thambe ei bidaye

G            Gmaj7
amar opar shimanate
tomar chinho tobu robe beche
C# D#m


G  D  Em7

hmmmmm *2

Am                       G
niyoto shoroner berajale
C                          A7
odhir opekhaa sheshe
Am                   C
proyato agamir sriti jure
biday ashbe obosheshe

G                      Em7
tumi nil shobdo shune nirjone
Am7                      G
dhushor dhulo joma shomoyee
nihoto shopno gulo shohosha
Am        G6  
alo jele hariye jao joto dure
Bmaj7        Amaj7       G
ashbe tobu fire amar ojanai
obiroto molin khoto muche fele chirotoree
G                            Gmaj7      
tomar oshar theme thakar proyato agomone

[Created by author, using NNLS Chroma plugin http://isophonics.net/nnls-chroma/ and Sonic Visualizer software.


ADC Interfacing of AVR (ATmega32)

The Analogue to Digital Converter of the Atmel AVR Microcontroller was one of the main reasons of me choosing it over the cheap AT89S52 microcontroller.

As mentioned in my previous blog post, I had recently given a workshop at the AIUB along with my friend Omee. Due to time shortage, I could not finish my presentation on ADCs. I wanted to share some of the materials that I studied here in my blog post.

Interfacing 7 segment displays with AVR (ATmega32)

Recently, I had the opportunity to give a workshop on AVR microcontroller in American International University of Bangladesh (AIUB). I had prepared some codes for the conference, which I will share here.

7 Segment displays can be readily interfaced to the AVR by applying high or low output to their pins from an AVR. For my circuit I had used a common anode 7 seg display.

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