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I'm Dr. Sajid Muhaimin Choudhruy

I am currently working in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, Dhaka-1205. My official website is located at sajid.buet.ac.bd. I previously maintained various personal blogs and websites (sajidmc.net). I decided to move to a permanent web solution to host all my previous blogposts.


MATLAB code for Major Minor grouping of students of Dept of EEE, BUET

It's been some time since I joined BUET as a lecturer. Today, we were assigning major and minor topics to students. The assigning process was quite cumbersome and had to be done by hand. In order to automate the process, I wrote a small MATLAB program that can be used to automate the process.

Chord Progression for Beginners

This series is from my Chords collection, some of which I collected online, and some of which I figured out with software. Many of the chords may have errors, as they were done when I was just learning to play the guitar and used blogger as a diary. These chords are here in my blog, just as they represent my journey with my guitar. I now upload mostly in the Ultimate Guitar. (Click here to go to my user profile there.)  
Here are the Chord Progressions:
G -- C -- D -- G
G -- Am -- D -- G
D -- G -- A -- D
D -- C -- G -- D
D -- E Minor -- A -- D
C -- Dm -- G -- C
E -- D -- A -- E


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