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I'm Dr. Sajid Muhaimin Choudhruy

I am currently working in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, Dhaka-1205. My official website is located at sajid.buet.ac.bd. I previously maintained various personal blogs and websites (sajidmc.net). I decided to move to a permanent web solution to host all my previous blogposts.


Artcell - Ei Biday

This series is from my Chords collection, some of which I collected online, and some of which I figured out with software. Many of the chords may have errors, as they were done when I was just learning to play the guitar and used blogger as a diary. These chords are here in my blog, just as they represent my journey with my guitar. I now upload mostly in the Ultimate Guitar. (Click here to go to my user profile there.) 

Main riff:
chords in standard tuning:  F# F#maj7  Ebm7

half step down tuning:   G Gmaj7 Em7
G chordgmaj7 chordEm7 chord

Intro strumming:

Artcell - Ei Biday

G               Gmaj7
tomar onek fele asha
dhushor dhulo joma shomoye
G               Gmaj7
nirob cheye thaka
chokher alo ghire
E                 G
thakbe jeno tomake...
G                Gmaj7
ja kichu chilo theme thaka
abar thambe ei bidaye

G            Gmaj7
amar opar shimanate
tomar chinho tobu robe beche
C# D#m


G  D  Em7

hmmmmm *2

Am                       G
niyoto shoroner berajale
C                          A7
odhir opekhaa sheshe
Am                   C
proyato agamir sriti jure
biday ashbe obosheshe

G                      Em7
tumi nil shobdo shune nirjone
Am7                      G
dhushor dhulo joma shomoyee
nihoto shopno gulo shohosha
Am        G6  
alo jele hariye jao joto dure
Bmaj7        Amaj7       G
ashbe tobu fire amar ojanai
obiroto molin khoto muche fele chirotoree
G                            Gmaj7      
tomar oshar theme thakar proyato agomone

[Created by author, using NNLS Chroma plugin http://isophonics.net/nnls-chroma/ and Sonic Visualizer software.


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