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Thank you note on Purdue BDSA Summer Outing

Dear All,
Assalamu Alaikum

After weeks of planning finally, the Summer Outing is over. Overall, we as the BDSA committee is thankful to everyone for making the event successful. All food items that I tasted were fantastic and games and sports were great with everyone's enthusiastic participation. 

Now I would like to thank everybody including participants, volunteers, organizers for helping us to organize such a nice outing event. Your enthusiasm and participation always make the BDSA a special place. 

First I would like to thank previous BDSA Committee- Tamzid, Maliha, Orchi for taking the initiative for this event. It was originally planned as a summer BBQ. We, the 2017-18 decided to switch gear and try something new this time. Thanks to Maliha for booking the picnic shelter in the park and dealing with West Lafayette Parks and Recreations Department. 

I would like to thank Ragib bhai for coordinating and distributing the Chicago bazaar with BDSA. (Thus saving us the trouble of driving to Indy). Thanks to Faruq bhai for agreeing to give Chicago Bazaar in a timely manner. 

Thanks to Mun, Zahid Bhai and Zinia apu for important advice related to ingredient portion size. Also, thanks to Tamzid, Orchi, Soumya, Nooha, Kuhu for feedback and input regarding the event. Thanks to Zahid Bhai for locating and providing the Chafing Frames (thus saving us from buying new ones). 

Thanks to fellow Executive Committee members of BDSA - Sanjay Bhai, Asif, Salvi, Sanchita, Tridib, Nayem, Saeed and Rabu for helping me out through the planning stage. Rabu joined in the meeting via teleconferencing, while for the rest of us, Tridib donated a chocolate cake to keep us energized throughout the two and half hour long planning meeting.

I am really thankful to everyone who was on time in the event. Even when someone was late to the event, they had their cooked dish sent over so that we could start the event on time. 

Thanks to Briti Bhabi, Shormi Apu, Saima Sharmin, Raju, Zinia Apu, Koly Apu, Sanchita, Nooha, Ema Bhabi, Anik bhai, Nipa Apu, Mun, Shuvro & Ajanta, Arafat Bhai, Nayima & Naeem, Saima bhabi, Shejuti and Saraf for helping us with cooking. All our cooking volunteering slots quickly filled up, thanks to their enthusiasm. Thanks to Sanjoy bhai, Asif, Sanchita, Nayem, Salvi help with shopping. Sanjoy bhai and Sanchita played a pivotal role in distributing the ingredients, with both preparing the smaller portions and distributing them. Thanks to Nooha and Sanchita for gift-wrapping the presents. Special thanks to the sports chair, Saeed and publicity chair, Nayem, arranging sports equipment and collecting the sound-system. Thanks to Riaz Bhai and Monjurul Bhai for lending us their coolers. Thanks to Ijaz for arranging as well as sponsoring the ice for the coolers. 

Asif, Ijaz, Salsabeel, Rafi and Sarma helped a lot in the setup of the event. Rabu and Ron were instrumental in arranging the stump hitting. Sajal bhai and Antara bhabi brought fantastic Roshomalai that we enjoyed. Monjurul bhai helped with arranging Tarps in which we could arrange Duhr prayer. Thank's to Mun's vocal suggestions, we could break the gender barrier in the sports events and have everyone's fun participation. Tridib was fantastic in music control of the pillow passing and supplying marbles for the marble race. We are extremely grateful to everyone who could make it till the end of the event and helped us clean up the place. 

Rabu also actively coordinated the prize giving ceremony of the cricket tournament. Thank you to Alam sir for helping with the medal giving ceremony. Members who could not attend today's outing - please contact your respective teammates for the medals.

During the event, Pintu and Tridib served as our unofficial photographers. I still have to process the files on my memory card. I am attaching a couple of pictures in this email of today's event.

Last but not least I want to thank everyone who came to the event and made it wonderful. Thanks to my dear friend Rabu for his previous email, which I used as a template for my thank you note. 

Some of us could not participate in the event due to personal or research commitment. To them – we missed you a lot. We hope to see you in the upcoming events.  And all of your participation makes our BDSA programs special. 

For our events, we are trying to focus on the active participation of everyone and punctuality. We will try to improve these more in our upcoming events. 

Sajid Choudhury
Bangladesh Students Association

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