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MATLAB code for Major Minor grouping of students of Dept of EEE, BUET
It's been some time since I joined BUET as a lecturer. Today, we were assigning major and minor topics to students. The assigning process was quite cumbersome and had to be done by hand. In order to automate the process, I wrote a small MATLAB program that can be used to automate the process.

The major minor system of the Dept of EEE is quite simple. Currently, there are 3 major groups and 4 minor groups of the department. Based on decision of BUET Undergraduta Studies (BUGS) there is a maximum number of student per major or minor group. The groups are allocated according to CGPA of the students, and if more students want a particular major group than allowed limit, then students with better CGPA will get more preference.

Any how, I am pasting my program here:
% This program automates creation of major minor list of the students.
% Program was written by Sajid Muhaimin Choudhury, Lecturer, Department of
% EEE, BUET on 19/5/2010


N_maj_max = 60;
N_min_max = 60;
N_std = 180;

%Execute the program once, then open variable editor to edit rawdata and
% paste values from excel, columns are, roll, cgpa, maj_choice 1-4, minor
% choice 1-4. 

%rawdata = [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10;4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,5];
rawdata = sortrows(rawdata, -2); %sort according to CGPA
std_roll = rawdata(:,1)
std_cgpa = rawdata(:,2)
std_maj_choice = rawdata(:,3:6)
std_min_choice = rawdata(:,7:10)

std_maj = zeros(N_std,1);
std_min = zeros(N_std,1);
count_maj = zeros(1,4);
count_min = zeros(1,4);
%assign major group according to CGPA. 
for i = 1:N_std
    for j = 1:4
        if count_maj(std_maj_choice(i,j)) < N_maj_max
            count_maj(std_maj_choice(i,j)) = count_maj(std_maj_choice(i,j)) +1;
            std_maj(i) = std_maj_choice(i,j);

%assign minor group according to CGPA
for i = 1:N_std
    for j = 1:4
        if (count_min(std_min_choice(i,j)) < N_min_max) &&  (std_min_choice(i,j) ~= std_maj(i))
            count_min(std_min_choice(i,j)) = count_min(std_min_choice(i,j)) +1;
            std_min(i) = std_min_choice(i,j);

final_result = [std_roll'; std_cgpa' std_maj'; std_min']';

final_result = sortrows(final_result, 1);

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  1. thank you very much, sir. can you please give me information about the criteria that are considered apart from CGPA and their priority ? like, 4/3 or 5/2 ?


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