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NSAC Annual Report presented by me

NSAC Events 2017-18

 NSAC Website Launch

NSAC launched their new website through ECN support.


NSAC Space Improvement through PGSG funds

NSAC successfully secured $500 the Capital Improvement Grant through the Purdue Graduate Student Government, that allowed purchase of new Microwave oven for the Birck Kitchen, and a new 55” 4K television with raspberry pi, that serves both as a digital signage for NSAC, and a presentation screen for the NSAC Coffee hours.


 Undergraduate Symposium:

 NSAC organized an undergraduate symposium on 8th July, 2017 with the goal to promote interest in undergraduate research. The symposium was held at the Birck Atrium. A total of 22 undergraduate students participated. Professor Ali Shakouri distributed certificates to all participants and plaques to the top three poster presenters.


NSAC Callout:

 Our callout for the year 2017-18 was held at BRK 1001 on 15th September 2017. Prof. Ali Shakouri gave introductory remarks on Birck Nanotechnology Center during the callout. Professor Mark Lundstorm gave a seinar during the callout titled “Moore’s Law Forever? Reflections on the Past, Present, and Future of Nanotechnology”. More than 60 participants came to the callout including students, faculty, and staff.

NSAC Blood Drive (organized jointly with the Indiana Blood Center):

 NSAC worked with the Indiana Blood Center to organize two blood donation drives during the academic calendar on September 20st, 2017 and January 22nd, 2018 respectively. The both events were held at BRK 1001 and was attended by approximately 25 people.

Fall Academic Trip:

NSAC organized an academic trip on 10th of October 2018. The trip was done in collaboration with the Northwestern University SPIE Student Chapter. The trip consisted of a visit to the NUFAB (Northwestern University Fab), NUANCE center, talk by Prof. Selim Shahriar and visit to Prof. Shahriar, Prof. Mirkin, Prof. Odom and Prof. Aydin’s lab. We had a total of 9 people for the tour.



NSAC Spring Academic Trip:

NSAC spring academic trip was held on pi-day, March 14th 2018 to the Argonne National lab's Center for Nanoscale Materials. The NSAC members were given a cleanroom tour at the CNM and were given facility tour.  Haogang Cai from Nanofabrication and Devices Group gave a talk on “Flat Lenses”. 23 participants attended the tour.

NSAC Mock Cleanroom at Nanodays

Like previous years, NSAC organized a mock cleanroom at BRK 1001 on the occasion of Nanodays in April 11-13, 2018. The mock cleanroom was attended by over 200 kids per day from elementary to middle school during the event. NSAC developed the photolithography demonstration for kids using photopolymer, laminator and nailpolish dryer last year. NSAC added a hologram demonstration kit in the mock cleanroom using GSOGA funds.

 NSAC Mock Cleanroom Documentation Meeting:


NSAC Journal Club:

 NSAC introduced a journal club in the Fall 2017 academic year. The topics discussed were topological insulator and nano-biotechnology.


Coffee Hours:

NSAC organized coffee hour presentation by students and staff on Fridays from 3:30-4:00pm. This was aimed as an opportunity for graduate students to get valuable feedback on the current research work and also as a platform to practice talks for conferences.

This year, with GSOGA funding, we added refreshments in the coffee hour that helped boost the number of participants and audience in the coffee hour.

Following is a list of all presenters in the 2017-18 coffee hours.


List of all speakers and topics of the NSAC Coffee Hours:



Title of the Talk


Vasudevan Iyer

Infrared ultrafast dynamics in black phosphorus


Aveek Dutta

Surface Plasmon Opto-magnetic field enhancement for on-chip magnetization reversal in nanomagnets


Saeed Fallahi

Low frequency charge noise in GaAs/AlGaAs nanostructures


Reaz Chowdhury

Roll to Roll fabrication for cellulose nanocrystal with controlled anisotropy


Monzurul Alam

Practical Design of 4H-SiC Superjunction Devices in the Presence of Charge Imbalance


Mohamed Hagag

Evanescent-mode cavity for Reconfigurable RF applications


Christopher J Benjamin

Development of Techniques Using Novel Bioorganic Materials for Protein Structure Determination


Neil Dilley

New tools for magnetism studies in the BNC Spintronics Lab


Arpan Kundu

Novel redox-active gel electrolytes for all-solid-state thermally chargeable supercapacitors


Andrea Montes

Distribution of pores in PAA templates


Nithin Raghunathan

Multi-point Battery Free Sensors


Yuri Efremov

Application of Atomic Force Microscopy in Cell Biology


Sean Rinehart

A Brief Overview of Birck Metrology Core


Jeremiah Shephard

Overview of XRD Reflectivity Measurement


Vasudevan Iyer

Optically measuring spin relaxation in 3D topological insulator


Bill Rowe

Introducing the JEOL EBL


Terry Hung

Topological Current in 2D Materials


Shouyuan Huang

Thermal transport of topological surface state


Maowen Song

Polarization-tunable color generation based on plasmonic metamirror


Zhaxylyk Kudyshev

Bi-Anisotropic Homogenization for Efficient Metasurface Design


Paul Somers

Improved Resolution in 3D Direct Laser Writing using Stimulated Emission Depletion



NSAC Beamer Workshop

NSAC hosted the workshop on Beamer. The workshop was held on March 22 2018 in Martin Jishke Hall of Biomedical Engineering.


NSAC Stress Management Workshop (collaboration with CAPS)

NSAC organized stress management workshop with the help from Purdue’s Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) on April 20th 2018. Pei-Chun Hou taught practical relaxation skill such as meditation and focus to the students.


NSAC Officers Retreat

NSAC officers had retreat at the Chedders restaurant on May 2 2018. Plan for wrapping up activities for the academic year was discussed.

NSAC Spring Picnic:


NSAC organized its annual social activity on April 26th, 2018 at the Purdue Village Community Center. The event was aimed as a social get-together for graduate students and staff at Birck over dinner while also holding elections for the next academic calendar. The event was attended by approximately 60 people. Professor Dana Weinstein was the special guest in the picnic.


Social activities involving the NSAC TV:

NSAC TV has been used for different social activities this year, as it is centrally located in an open space.

Birck Christmas Party

Staff Basketball game viewing party


NSAC Academic Advisor:

Prof. Ali Shakouri

Mary Jo and Robert L. Kirk Director of Birck Nanotechnology Center

Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Office: BRK 1027C

Office Phone: 765-49-66105



NSAC Executive Committee 2017-18:

Elected Officers 2017-18:

President: Sajid Choudhury (

Vice-President: Rahul Ramamurthy

Treasurer: Shabnam Ghotbi

Secretary: PrabhuKumar Venthurumilli


NSAC Committee Chairs 2017-18:

Social and Hospitality Chair: Samuel Peana

Symposium Chair: Deesha Shah

Journal Club Chair: Emroz Khan

Academic Trip Chair: Vasudevan Iyer

Policies and Procedures Chair: Soham Saha (also served as NSAC representative for the Birck Disciplinary Committee and Birck Safety Committee)


NSAC Elected Officers 2018-19:

President: Samuel Peana

Vice-President: PrabhuKumar Venthurumilli

Treasurer: Paul Somers

Secretary: Shouyuan Huang


Researcher and academician by Trade. Hobbyist webdeveloper, photographer and ametuer musician.


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