Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Fighting Covid19 on the Front Line

Honored to provide technical assistance in this endeavor led by my brother-in-law Dr. Shakil Farid. “Fighting #covid19 on the Front Line” is written by Bangladeshi doctors working home and abroad as an aid to Bangladeshi hospitals. The second edition is already downloaded +500 times.

I designed this cover page to focus on the health care workers. Too often we forget the dedicated doctors, nurses, PCAs, who are working hard to save lives - ignoring all risks, all fear. They are the soldiers in this war, fighting the battle in the front line, while we stay safely at our homes.

The book is freely available to download from, the website designed and maintained by yours truly.

Researcher and academician by Trade. Hobbyist webdeveloper, photographer and ametuer musician.


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