Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Auto Routing in Single Layer – Proteus Isis and Ares

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  1. Thanks a lot dude...this was very helpful.

  2. Hey how did u added led pcb package plz tell me....

  3. In which tutorial you explained this?
    plz send the link.

  4. It was in the related posts section

  5. can u pls give me the download link of that software ?

  6. you have done an excellent job, very excellent this single side auto routing video was very helpfull for me
    thank you very much for the tutorial
    thank you sooooooo much

  7. thanks for your nice post. I.m facing a problem designing pcb in ares. some ic or mcu packages in isis, their gnd and vdd pin are absent assuming they are all biased. in this case when i import the design in ares then i can't manually rout the gnd and vdd pins. any suggestion?

  8. Thank you for this beautiful video. I am doing a dc voltmeter pcb layout which I have to do in a single layer. But as the circuit is complicated I am unable do the whole thing at one side. Can you suggest me anything to do? plz help
    thank u


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