Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Switched my academic website to webnode
As I mentioned earlier, I used Google Sites to maintain my academic website. The google sites is a great choice with unlimited bandwidth of site, but the layout and themes of the site is quite restricted. I was looking for some alternative to that. Weebly posed as an impressive alternative, but wasn’t quite that good. I stumbled upon webnode. It’s interface and default themes are really impressive. Moreover, they allow you to edit the default css of the themes.
This is a custom made theme for my present website, (still teacher.buet.ac.bd/sajid)

The header of the site is taken from a CC website, possibly free web headers or some website.
There is one catch of webnode. Since it earns its revenue by web hosting, the free package comes with only 1GB bandwidth. So, the site is not quite suitable for hosting large files. I’ll try to use some other disk services for the file sharing part. Otherwise webnode is just fine.

Researcher and academician by Trade. Hobbyist webdeveloper, photographer and ametuer musician.


  1. Hi sajid,
    i just construct the atmega8 usb-asp.

    not working...
    avrdude shows
    " avrdude.exe: error: no usb support. please compile again with libusb installed."

  2. Mate, if you want support, try posting comment under appropriate post.

    Any wasys, try installing libusb first


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