Friday, April 23, 2010

Mukhorito Jibon by Souls

This series is from my Chords collection, some of which I collected online, and some of which I figured out with software. Many of the chords may have errors, as they were done when I was just learning to play the guitar and used blogger as a diary. These chords are here in my blog, just as they represent my journey with my guitar. I now upload mostly in the Ultimate Guitar. (Click here to go to my user profile there.)  
ei mukhorito jiboner cholar bake
ojana hajar koto kajer bhire
chotto belar shoto rong kora mukh
shur tole ajo ai monke ghire

jhinuk shamuke bhora balur chore
dhew er shathe nechechhi
rongin shopne gatha sritir mala
shoikote fele eshechi
ore chhute jai cholo
shei shagor tire
ore khuje nei cholo
fele asha mukto hire

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